Challenge yourself

Everyone has an opinion about rape – and many of these opinions blame the victim. Ask yourself how you really feel about situations and issues surrounding rape – it can sometimes throw up prejudices that you never thought you had.

  1. At a night out at the pub with her friends, a woman meets a guy she likes. After chatting in the bar, he asks her to go back to his house – she goes. After another drink in his house, things get a bit passionate but he then becomes forceful, leading to rape. Is the woman partly to blame for the rape?
    82% said no
  2. You’re out at a party having fun with a large group of friends. You watch one of your friends have a few more drinks, get a bit boisterous and chat up a guy at the bar. She’s touching his cheek, dancing up close, giving him all the right come-on signals. This goes on until they start kissing at the end of the night. But it leads to rape. Was she partly to blame?
    80% said no
  3. It’s acceptable for a man to demand sex from his partner without consent if they’re married.
    91% disagreed
  4. If you participate in foreplay with a partner, you’re giving consent to sex.
    82% disagreed
  5. If a woman has slept with a large number of men, as a potential juror, would that influence your decision to convict the perpetrator?
    85% said no
  6. When a woman has had too much to drink, a man can never be held fully accountable to a rape charge.
    86% disagreed