The way women dress and conduct themselves is constantly under scrutiny – particularly in the context of sexual assault. The notion that particular styles or clothes choices can be factors that contribute to sexual assault are ludicrous and damaging to women – as well as being insulting to men.

It is not short skirts or high heels that cause rape – it is rapists. Choices in dress are expressions of no more than personal style – they are NEVER incitements to sexual violence. In addressing women’s personal safety we need to think less about changing rooms and more about changing attitudes.

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At a night out at the pub with her friends, a woman meets a guy she likes. After chatting in the bar, he asks her to go back to his house – she goes. After another drink in his house, things get a bit passionate but he then becomes forceful, leading to rape. Is the woman partly to blame for the rape?

82% said no

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