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No is no

It took me 30 years to come to terms with being raped. And I continue to reflect on how that event changed me and how I related to men and to social situations for decades.
It's never what you wear, how you flirt, how much you had to drink or if
you're being accommodating and nice: no is no. NO IS NO.

Thank you for the campaign and raising awareness about a violent crime that has silently and fundamentally damaged so many women in every country of the world. Cate in California

Author: Cate, Female, California
Date: 29/06/2010

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“Rape seems to be the only crime where it's seen as ok to put the victim on trial.”

Natasha, Female from Glasgow

“Short skirts don't cause rape. Rapists cause rape”

Joss, Female from Connecticut

“About time something like this was shown on TV. Hopefully it will make everyone realise there cannot be any excuse for rape - EVER.”

Helzo, Female from Renfrewshire