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Bad Advert.

It's not deniable that Rape is an appalling disgusting crime. But this campaign is what I believe the wrong way to deliver the message.

Before you breathe down my throat, I have read many of the discussions, and as soon as someone says common sense many of you seem to get really angry without thinking of what has written. I'm aware that the majority of Rapes are by people that know the victim and only 8% are by strangers. So why not show that? Why not make women aware of the bigger picture?

Instead, the advert delivers to many that it's commonly due to the fact they wear revealing clothes. Undeniably the advert admits that the girls with seductive clothes are therefore targeted. Although it's not their fault, and I understandingly agree with this, but the concept of being safe should be undoubtedly be the top priority over wearing a skirt which shows a girls pants, and in Glasgow I see drunk girls all the time who reveal themselves and grab on to any male passer-by. If females are aware that these guys do these things, why would you knowingly make yourself a larger target by dressing provocatively?

Now don't misinterpret my post, like many other posts. At no point I suggest that it's the woman's fault because they are wearing the clothes they wear. The sick ba***rds who can't control themselves carry out these deeds should have their d**ks chopped off. But realistically the advert diverts attention to a minority number and enforces that it's actually a larger. At no point does any women deserve it because she's wearing a skirt or a low cut top but unfortunately in todays day and age, it pays better to be safe than sorry because the kind of attention females attract by wearing such revealing clothing will never be from a respectable guy.

Author: NonDisclosed, Male, Glasgow
Date: 07/07/2010

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The advert tackles one rape myth directly nondisclosed, I'm sure the organisation would love to make a series of ads if they had the money tackling every aspect of people's attitudes. The bigger picture is that men are responsible for rape.
In saying that, you criticise the ad for tackling this one aspect and then highlight to us why it's so necessary to do so by continuing to perpetuate that myth yourself.
What would your suggestion be for how we women should police ourselves to be safer rather than sorry? Shouldn't men be the ones who take responsibility for their actions? Shouldn't men just choose not to rape? What women wear has nothing to do with it. Ultimately a man will make a choice to abuse what power he has in a range of situations - be it a stranger or someone a woman knows. And in the end, he'll probably get away with it, partly because of the justice system and partly because of the appalling attitudes that exist.

Author: anon, Female, edin
Date: 08/07/2010

NonDisclosed. You come across to me as a man who abhors rapists and all they stand for. Please use this attitude to criticize the men who choose and use any excuse to rape, without adding a subtext of partial responsibility towards women who are raped. Women need the support of strong men who are willing to state their disapproval of rape.
A drunk woman whose pants are on show and who grabs on to male passers-by should be as safe against male predators as the woman who chooses to dress demurely, limits her intake of alcohol and who only pays attention to respectable guys. Those who fall into the latter category are also raped and sexually abused. The fact is that no woman is safe and to create some hierarchy of deserving and undeserving victims serves only to provide a smokescreen for abusers to hide behind.

Author: Caz, Female, Scotland
Date: 09/07/2010

I think nondisclosed was making that point that 'given we do not live in an ideal world, there are behaviours you would warn women to avoid because its a risk.' I think he'd agree with you anon that the world would be better if the nasty guys out there that cause the need to consider these things should either be removed or somehow reeducated. They are the ones at fault and the ones who need to be fixed, nondisclosed said as mich aswell and you are right that they are the ones who should be responsible. But the problem is that they are bad guys and they are out there as much as in an ideal world they wouldnt be - and we should as a society try to change the way these guys think and generally correct this attitude. The problem that needs fixing is these guys and it is always their fault but it would be a mistake to then live on the principle that you shoul do whatever you like because you shouldn't need to check your behaviour because of the existence of bad guys. I agree you shouldnt need to but in the real world just now you do just for the sake of saftey. It really isn't a mythe that there are behaviours that increase the risk of rape just like its not a mythe that there are bahaviours that increase the risk of a guy getting stabbed at a nightclub or the like. I hope that makes some sense, I agree with all the 'shoulds,' that you used but at the same time I'd worry about my sister or my niece if she went up town alone for the night and i'd warn her against certain behaviours - are you seriously saying you wouldnt on principle?

Author: Euan, Male, Glasgow
Date: 09/07/2010

There are two messages in this discussion that are in no way incompatible. The first is that rapists are responsible for their actions so it is inappropriate to blame the victim. The second is that all of us, by our behaviour, can place ourselves at greater or lesser risk of various events. If I am in the habit of leaving my front door unlocked I put myself at greater risk of being burgled, but the burglar still retains the responsibility for his actions. I wouldn't be to blame, but you might ask why I always left my door unlocked. Likewise, getting very drunk, wearing revealing clothing and engaging in a bit of foreplay with a man you've just met is not - in any way - an invitation to rape, but it might not be very wise behaviour.

Author: John Higgon, Male, Scotland
Date: 03/12/2010

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“Rape seems to be the only crime where it's seen as ok to put the victim on trial.”

Natasha, Female from Glasgow

“Short skirts don't cause rape. Rapists cause rape”

Joss, Female from Connecticut

“About time something like this was shown on TV. Hopefully it will make everyone realise there cannot be any excuse for rape - EVER.”

Helzo, Female from Renfrewshire