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Am I to blame?

When I was a freshmen in college I had a bad time with depression. I met a guy who was the "bad boy" and thought would be good for me. We were at a party, having a few drinks, and then ended at his place where we began kissing. Things heated up and he wanted to have sex. I said "no" several times. In the end we had sex and I felt dirty afterwards. He came up to me and asked if I was ok. I said yes, not knowing what else to say. I recalled this story to my best friend, who was also a friend of this guy, and she said he did nothing wrong. So for a long time I felt it was my fault, that I initiated the whole thing, and that he didn't do anything wrong. It took nearly 5 years for me to say I was sexually assaulted.

But was I?

Author: J, Female, Michigan
Date: 11/04/2013

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No, it wasn't your fault. First, you said no. Second, you were under the influence of alcohol so you couldn't have given true consent anyway. He should have backed off after the first no.

Author: Sad, Female, United States
Date: 30/01/2015

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“Rape seems to be the only crime where it's seen as ok to put the victim on trial.”

Natasha, Female from Glasgow

“Short skirts don't cause rape. Rapists cause rape”

Joss, Female from Connecticut

“About time something like this was shown on TV. Hopefully it will make everyone realise there cannot be any excuse for rape - EVER.”

Helzo, Female from Renfrewshire